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Introducing IBeTo - Innovations for a Better Tomorrow, the flagship event of Excel 2023, the annual national-level technical symposium of Govt. Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara.

IBeTo is a unique platform where we actively pursue the extraordinary and tackle social issues. Here, dreams become reality, visionaries blaze new trails, and aspiring leaders strive for a global impact.

Full Roadmap

Phase 1


  • Time of start of Ideate
  • Teams are expected to define and refine their problem statements.

Phase 2


  • Time of start of Innovate
  • Prepare your prototype using the technologies that your team has decided on with the help of mentors.

Phase 3


  • Time of start of Showcase
  • Present your prototype in front of a panel of experts and win prizes.

Problem Statements

Towards Zero Carbon Emission

  • co2 logoHow can we reduce transmission/distribution losses in the power grid? Wait, how is this related to Carbon Emissions?
  • co2 logo Is it possible for local bodies to go completely off-grid?

Waste Management

  • co2 logoCan we easily segregate food waste from plastic waste?
  • co2 logoWhat products can be created from waste materials?

Disaster Management

  • co2 logoWhat can be done to quickly establish a communication network in disaster-stricken areas?
  • co2 logoHow would we control large-scale fire outbreaks like forest fires?

Education For All

  • co2 logoWhat difficulty is faced by dyslexic students that we can solve with technology? What about students with ADD?
  • co2 logoWhat technologies could we build that will aid differently-abled students in learning?

Transforming Finance

  • co2 logoCan we calculate a more accurate CIBIL score?
  • co2 logoHow can we make banking more secure?

Open Innovation

  • co2 logoThis is the problem statement for all free thinkers who do not wish to be tied to a single issue of social relevance and innovation.
  • co2 logoInviting you to carve your solution and make an impact in essential sectors that govern our day-to-day life.



"Winning iBeto has been a highlight of our college experience, and we strongly recommend everyone with big dreams not to miss this event. If you're considering joining, go for it. iBeto will help shape your innovative ideas and give you the tools to bring them to life."

Team 420

Winner of IBeTo’22

confettiPrize Worth


imageInternship opportunities for selected participants.
imageCertificate of Participation for all teams.
imageAs per KTU regulations, socially relevant projects can avail up to 50 activity points.
imageExclusive perks for all the 30 shortlisted teams.



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Code of Conduct

Please take note that this Code of Conduct is designed to foster a secure, respectful, and inclusive environment for all participants. Violations of these rules may result in disqualification from the event.

1. Respectful Conduct

Participants are expected to engage in respectful behaviour towards one another. This includes refraining from offensive verbal or written comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, social class, economic status, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Any action that makes someone feel uncomfortable is considered harassment and must cease immediately.

2. Reporting and Support Procedures

If you experience or witness any form of harassment, or have other concerns, please promptly contact the IBeTo team. IBeTo representatives are available to assist participants in reaching out to campus security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or offer any necessary support to ensure the well-being of those affected by harassment during the event. Your presence is highly valued, and we are committed to addressing concerns promptly.

3. General Compliance

Participants are required to adhere to these rules at all event venues, as well as during online interactions related to the IBeTo event and associated social gatherings.

4. Health and Safety Precautions

While the use of masks is not compulsory, we strongly encourage participants to take necessary health precautions. Participants are welcome to wear masks if they so choose.

5. Professionalism

Participants are expected to conduct themselves professionally, promoting a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Disruptive behavior that interferes with talks, events, or online interactions is discouraged.

6. Diversity and Representation

IBeTo values diversity and strives to represent a variety of perspectives. Discrimination or exclusion based on any aspect of identity will not be tolerated.

7. Privacy and Consent

Respect the privacy and consent of fellow participants. Do not engage in any form of unwarranted photography, recording, or dissemination of personal information without explicit consent.

8. Code Compliance

Participants are expected to adhere to any additional event-specific guidelines and the overall principles of good conduct.

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